Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cold pressed oil rescues a hard pressed heart

In our villages one could see the bullocks going round and round a central wooden pit those days, a museum picture I guess for modern times of oil refining processes.

With some modernization maintaining the originality of cold pressed oil, it can still be got at some places with concerned oilmen.

For domestic use, gingely, coconuts,and peanuts are the usual material used, these days others are used , but these are the norm, with out adulteration for a price.

Scientifically speaking the value of cold pressed oil is best known as it does not solidify at body temperature, acceptable by the body for its enrichments and good if u do not heat it and make it a carcinogenous compound.

It does not have the chemical residuals and other bad nature of the refined oils that are promoted so much on the billboards and other media with musical words,(oooooshha , la la la ooooshha)as if the doctors in white coats are promoting it.

Unheated, cold pressed oil can be used ,for podi( pulses powder) dal ,as salad dressing and other dishes, and for the typical oil bath which helps in the production of vitamin d with the help of sun light.

It would be good if we had, learned folks to promote this, and later to have nuts as a switch to most natural oils.

One step at a time.

Almost all health worries with oily base will go.

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