Monday, 21 June 2010

Iron Man 2 (2010) [* *]

I really liked the first Iron Man but this second one was so boring despite the elaborate sets they blew up to entertain. The most boring movies have very little meaningful dialogue and take the audience for granted. This sequel does both in excess.

The original had the transformation of a man from a casual death-dealing arms manufacturer to world protector, however superficially (since he was american and the arms race is in their blood now). In this sequel, you see Tony Stark go back to being a casual american jerk; and worse, the two main female characters are reduced to being mindless models given high positions for their poses! Gwenyth Paltrow refused to show more than a doozy blonde bimboness from start to finish. And, really, Robert Downey Jr. and she had no zing. Why don't they replace both?:p

I've begun to realise I hate movies with Scarlett  Johansson. I don't know what directors see in her, but she's been bagging fabulous roles and reducing them to forgettable for a few years now - as Black Widow, she's doing it again here.:)

I was so disappointed.

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