Monday, 7 June 2010

Who is W H O ?

Dr Fiona Godlee, editor of BMJ , had harsh words for the WHO, saying “ its credibility has been badly damaged. WHO must act now to restore it”.

The recent exposure of the B M J to say that WHO has lost its creditability, following its members accepting bribes from the vaccine industry to declare the swine flu a pandemic, one is bound to ask who is WHO?

For any study in health matters W H O is always quoted and its findings are taken for granted, its slogans pasted on health care buildings, and is allowed into any country with out any hurdles, its medical recommendations and schedules accepted as best after trials,from the best medical minds in the world.

The whole world and its governments take advice from the organization in health matters, with out a second reasoning, will they continue to do so?

Response to the report, WHO secretary general Dr Margaret Chan defended the secrecy, saying that WHO intentionally kept the financial ties a secret in order to “ protect the integrity and independence of the members while doing this critical word and also to ensure transparency”

By the way … for the record, there has never been a single scientific study ever published showing that H1N1 vaccines worked, not only was the pandemic a fraud to begin with , but the medicines they claimed to treat it was also a fraud.

Now we know the rest of the story of why it was done: kick backs from Big pharma paid to advisors who told WHO to declare a pandemic. -Mike Adams


Yoda said...

Wow, this is scary.

venkhat said...

i hate to scare folks of beauty and intellegence, but i prefer honesty and freedom, so am sorry,i will bring on more.