Friday, 4 June 2010

Humming chat between two bees

Said one bee to the another, “how about we have a bee to bee chat?hmmm( ok)”.

Our cousins across the world are shrinking said the forest bee, the city one agreed.

I am out of touch I do not know, can u say a few reasons for our decline ?

Well said the city bee, who is under constant watch, to produce honey for the industrial hive. “u are still in the forest and don’t know the ways of the world.”

Like we communicate with a dance and feelings, exchange of hormonal touch, the humans are communicating with a wave length we use for communication too, but which disrupts our geo locating system back to our hives.

It disrupts our queen from laying more soldier eggs,it is called as a cellular phone, the whole world is now in cells with a tower as its centre, at all human areas.

We have more worries, we used to help pollinate their plants, but now we cant seem to find the flowers and the pollens natural, they are different and our explanations cannot be understood by them. The honey we make are not like it used to be before. we give up.

They are using chemicals to make the plants grow into monsters and Frankenstein food, pesticides to keep away the natural insects which help eat up the next in line, insects.

If we are gone,I wonder who will help him make his food?

Man has lost his touch with NATURE, he needs to relearn his lessons.

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