Thursday, 3 June 2010

Queen of fruits-mangoes

It is the season of mangoes and salem is known for them from the times of kannadasan songs, now we have the salem steels title taken over.

There are many varieties of the fruit, and I like the small Nadu Salai the best, I have heard that mulgova is a treat.

My mother in law made a present of them this week and it was a time of feasting on them. Bless the lady presenter.

I sat down last evening at the portico at road level,with a washed mango and a tea spoon, went on to bite one end and slowly make my way into the pulpy fruit with not a drop of the juice being spilt or a piece missing my mouth.

The best way is this, as no mess is made, and the relishing method can be noticed and another one offered to have a re-play of the senses with a silent down to earth act of aloneness.

My lady likes it cut and taken with curd rice, each one to their own ways to enjoy Natures Bounty.

I can share with u my heart and words, but not my fruit, get yours and have a go with all the senses in play.

Happy Mangoeing.

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