Sunday, 6 June 2010

Americans are great ball players

The Americans are one of the best players of ball, whether it needs to be goaled or holed , or basketed, or homed.

But let us see if they have balls of courage when one of their own is executed across the high seas, or when their land is being destroyed with oily leaks of wreckage, by foreign firms.

We are seeing drama on international waters with peaceful flotilla being raided and fellow citizen killed, yet the American government is placid and quiet and not a finger is raised.

It has happened before and will happen again if they don’t raise their voices, guess their folks are being fed with drugs in their food and water and hypnotized in their media, with cheap family destroying themes.

They are great ball players, but have none where needed.

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venkhat said...

one american jew has the balls and her name is Helen Thomas she had the guts to tell a blogger when questioned, if she has any words for the ones who are in the land of israel " tell them to get the hell out of palestine".
she has been punished by her boss and the others are exposing their sides.