Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Memorial day, a remembrance or a celebration

The Americans have been celebrating “memorial day” in honor of their army, at the last Monday of may.

Their army is across the world in so many countries, and yet they have none to check and guard their own borders.

They have lost many of their brave, strong and young ones for the welfare of whom, and where? They should be actually fasting than feasting for this occasion.

What memory do they have of their young and old ones on this day?are the alive hurt ones really helped or are they just a number on a file?,at the Vetrans affairs.

I fail to understand the significance of this and in this way,of celebration by commanders -in- chiefs who have had no role in their life in uniforms and guns at the warfronts.

It would be good to really see how many of the politicians have their family join the army, and be posted at far away posts away from the homeland, to make them realize the truth of separation in a family, for the elite to make money in war.

Such celebrations are a shame.

The real army chaps will shed a silent tear, when they had used even one ammunition to hurt a true civilian who was harmless, or these days take the medicines for depression.

I am against war and things which promote it and make a celebration of them to boost an already inflamed ego of arrogance and authoritative super force.

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