Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Spiritual Bar

There are many places where one can share an ecstatic moment of drunkenness with the divine, alone or along with fellows of like mindedness. “Spiritual Bar” was the term that was used , and I liked it immediately.

Many would call it a drugged state or hypnotized or fooled by senses, what ever , one cannot be cheated by the state of ecstasy one feels then and later.

At a satsung with like minded ones and a master, at sun sets on a mountain side, alone on a mountain path, each one to their own settings, high stool or a low seat.

I just found one such place, in the centre of my village, where chit chatters, idlers, flower vendors; village gossipers find solace and freedom.

I did not disturb them one morning, but quietly accommodated myself and started to feel a state of emptiness, and yet fullness strange as it may sound, but that is it.

I am not one who has been under the influence of alcohol, so I take it as a similar state, but where nature has a role to play as the chemical inducer.

It is a simple walk around verandah with a tiled roof with a pyramid shape, having a stone as deity at the centre, and just 25 to25 feet square shaped space, of cemented raised floor.

There is no one to offer any thing, yet u get to take home an experience. A drunken state of bliss.

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