Friday, 4 June 2010

Star-studded sleeping quarters

The moon light was our night lamp and the whole terrace was our sleeping quarters.

We made preparations with our straw mats and jamakallam carpets, and made our way on to the terrace (which is normally used only for drying clothes,) after our dinner.

( that is a feast I will type them here another time)

The two cinema theatres close by used to play music and advertistments for aginomoto on the bull horn speakers, but now they are quiet after the noise pollution rules.

We chit chatted with the kid, ( rare times these days)talking about general things and dozed away with the fan to keep off the mosquitoes.

The cemented floor gets us hot and the atmospheric chillness gets us cool, god what a combination!

I have a cousin who told me he has an artificial sky look alike situation in his room, when we shared this,( phosphorescent screen stuck to his roof!! With stars and moon ) nothing to beat a real sky, with Mother Natures warmth and care, and sometimes a sudden spell of rain, which will get us clambering down or jumping gates.( too many wild tales)

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