Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall…

It was a wish I always wanted, a way to communicate with inhuman things. it was granted for non sensual times of consciousness.

I have a paunch, and I can see it when I try to see my toes while I stand, I have them obstructed from view.

The mirror on the wall does not seem to notice that when it reflects me on the mirror, it shows a flat stomach.

There is something magical in the reflection and I was seeking an answer, when it opened up’ “Ever since the fairy tale days of Snow White, even the haggard queen wanted to be known as the most beautiful, it was always of comparison and not aware ness of ones own blessedness”.

“I have decided to show man his real beauty and his potential, and hide his failures to let him rise in consciousness and more possibilities”.

“Now we mirrors and our cousins have become reflecting medias for bringing on ones best, and filtering the failures and hiding the non essentials.

Check now u will see what is best in you”.

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