Wednesday, 16 June 2010

In search of Satheesh , to find myself

I had a class mate whose was named as sateesh, it has recently been said that he is in Ramana Ashram in Arunachala. I decided to find him in imagination.

The road to Thiruvanamalai was full of bumps and turns which helped me stay awake through out the journey.

I found my way to the ashram entrance by way of an auto after a wash at a place.

The cool shade at the front was a welcome feeling for the heat of the region, and one could feel the serenity from then on.

Every one seemed to know where they wanted to go, they all seemed to be living in a world of their own and the other seemed not to exist.

Walking a few steps I noticed a library and a meditation hall, the peacocks were bellowing their presence, they moved around with no care of being hurt or being a disturbance to the folks.

Turning left into the hall I found, a statue of Ramana Maharishi in a casual pose.

Many were sitting silently in the hall and a few were going around the statue.

Moving away from that hall I found a side entrance leading to a room where Ramana used to meet folks.

A couch was in place and a picture of Ramana on it , many folks were siting silently, my mind wanted a hearing , it said why not sit for some time.So that is where things started, it was a deep silence and filling, loss of space and time , and back to reality.

Many were lucky to meet him in person, I met one in our village, she is 70 odd years now, she was 6 when she met him then.

I walked around the ashram , found a path at the back leading on to the Arunachala hillock, climbed for a distance and returned.

All the folks of the ashram looked like Satheesh to me, calm and sweet and about their business.

I returned back to the main hall and decided to find out what I did not know I was searching for. I sat down .

Every one seemed to have a master to show the way, I wanted one too, I made a request and left.

Satheesh s name seemed to have a very deep meaning of TRUTH and GODLINESS, may be he is bound to find those things in his stay, and show the way for many to follow.

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