Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bird in oil - not a painting

Journalists are being told not to interview workers at the clean up of the oil mess sites, in the Gulf of Mexico, workers breaking the rules will loose their jobs of cleaning.

So these words….

“We are a group of flyers/swimmers/crawlers from the Gulf of Mexico, we have decided to talk to bloggers. We know u humans are hurt in the recent oil seepage at the sea bed, that are affecting the industries that depend on the beauty and safety of the sea.

U folks are worried about the loss of business; we are worried about the loss of life and the extinction of many species.

The seepage of oil at the sea bed is chocking off our breathing air in the water, killing the beings in the region, our food and environment and home, the oily murk is sticky to the surface of bodies and destroying us.

Do u think we can scrub ourselves off that oily glue?

The whales,dolphins, varieties of fishes, crabs, shrimps , lobsters and more species u cannot think of, are getting covered in this poisonous discharge

The whole area is getting destroyed, the pelicans and other birds who fish, get covered in this filth and are getting stuck in this tarry yuck.

The surface destruction is a miniscule of what is happening underneath it, which u cannot see.

You humans are only pointing your fingers and accusing each other of this doing, adding chemical dispersants more toxic than the oil to hide the seepage.

There was even a joke in your mails “said one shrimp to another we end up in oil any way” so why bother!!!

We wonder if u will ever learn from this catastrophe, in the loss of beauty and destruction of this place called Earth.”

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