Saturday, 12 June 2010

Covert ones own wife

Of all the commandments I think the sixth commandment is one of the most difficult ones to follow for a man of charm, with the psychological skill of a huntsman, at a strangers wife.

The neighbors wife seems to always bring on the best of a mans hidden talent that has been rusting since his wooing days of his younger times, when he has won his girl, and then forgotten that she has to be won every day, and that she is not a trophy, to be kept at a cupboard.

It is time it resurfaces and he sharpens them by using it and romances with his own wife.

Oh it is a challenge, one needs to learn many things to keep up to the times, and expectations of the lady of the home, and the sweetheart of the mind.

One can read all the books and tricks of the trade, but when it comes to reality, each one to his own experience.

He can start with hibernating the remote control of the tv, and stop the news paper, and spend more time at the kitchen and never offer solutions, only catalystic decisions when given a choice, ohh it can go on and on, and learn new skills like a short lesson at the masseur, or “how to be patient at the shopping times” and more…

We must have positive commandments and , “Thou shall covert ones own wife” shall be one of them.

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Yoda said...

Lovely, venkhat! You really made my day with this one. May that commandment be set in stone.:)