Saturday, 5 June 2010

A name , a distinction

For many our name is mythological, it may be royal it may be common, it may be familial, or cultural , a fragrance or a geological presence, a meaningful one or abstract, but for all it has nothing of a selection, but an identity.

Most names stick to us for sake of a card, a form or a savings, but for few it stays in the heart and mind, it is that which makes us what we are and what we do.

For that it is the friends and close ones who address to make a difference.

I have had strings of names, from pathy to bad word pathy, as the addresser could not get to the first part of my name and found it sound like a bad word, and used it for convenience.

The school mates got pretty worked up with nick names which ranged from pygmy to Bandar, and more images that they saw in me.I was the shortest one with the longest name.

Some even saw me as a “baethee” and others as jalapathy.

There are still folks who call me as Thirupathy, my system is used to respond to all these forms, and all places.

(I found Menaka Gandhi explain meanings of Hindu Names a good exposure,some collected this book before finding names for kids)

The parents address is in the vernacular as “mogu” which literally means a kid. we will remain so all their lives.

The latest is the lady of the home sounding what she sees in the present and reality and that is “gooondooos”.

Now that u have my whole range, what is yours?

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