Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Competition - a rat race to the finish and beyond

It had started a long time back from the chase to the egg inside the womb, learning to leave that old habit can sure be difficult for the modern world.

Wishful thinking, but I sure feel it could help ease a lot of worry for the fast paced world of indifference to the neighbor.

The schooling, the games we play, the mark sheets and the encouragements all follow the attitude of competition.

The one on the top gets the choicest portion of cuts, but the others too have talents of their level. Who cares.

No one is a dumb assed groper, all have capacities of uniqueness, but who will help to surface that in us all.

may be this wont work for the present times.

If only we begin to realize that life is a play, and not an event with prize distribution at the end, it can be more fun and relaxing.

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